Acadia Healthcare Bachelor Social Work in Alexandria, Louisiana

Detailed Description

  • Knowledge and experience with DSM diagnosis, admission criteria for varying levels of care in treatment, commonly prescribed psychotropic medications for psychiatric illnesses, and community resources

  • Ability to assess and interpret data about patient's status, in order to identify each patient's needs and provide the appropriate care

  • Knowledge and experience working therapeutically with adolescent and adult patients with mental illness and/or chemical dependency issues

  • Effective communication (written and oral) and group/process skills

  • Must demonstrate the ability to work independently and harmoniously with co-workers

  • Provide individual and family therapy in a timely manner, using appropriate treatment modalities with the goal of re-integrating patients into the community with adequate support and care in place to prevent relapse to an acute level of care

  • Provides group process oriented therapy in a timely manner using appropriate treatment modalities to develop coping skills and achieve emotion/behavior management goals to manage patient's mental health symptoms